The comprehensive guide to EMDR self-coaching

Learn to noticeably reduce stress & strain. Download the EMDR self-help guide now.(more...)

The comprehensive guide to EMDR self-coaching

Learn to noticeably reduce stress & strain. Download the EMDR self-help guide now.(more...)

EMDR Goggles REMSTIM 3000 (NEW: Model 2023)


REMSTIM 3000 6th generation

REMSTIM 3000: The EMDR goggles have been the preferred EMDR device for error-free application of EMDR in self-coaching for more than 10 years. Since then, it has been continuously developed and optimized with the help of feedback from self-users, therapists and coaches.

NEW! Spectacle frame model 2023: The frame of the Model 2023 glasses is now produced using 3D printing. It is even lighter and extremely durable. Thanks to the forward-looking production method, less material is consumed. The material is opaque, which further increases the focus during application to the pre-model.

Sophisticated technology: A particularly gentle and effective light stimulus has been developed in numerous tests. The micro-LEDs of the EMDR goggles use green and yellow light without glare. Blue and white light was deliberately omitted.

Modern electronics; The stimulation parameters (speed and deflection of the eyes) can be quickly and conveniently adjusted to personal requirements. A microchip always stores the last setting. Thanks to a lightweight design, EMDR glasses weigh less than 80g.

Thoughtful and proven concept: In 2009, EMDR and trauma therapist and author Thomas Buhl developed the EMDR self-coaching method for non-disease-related stresses of everyday life. He invents the REMSTIM 3000 for this purpose and thus solves the problem of faulty self-stimulation of rapid eye movements in the important processing step and makes EMDR self-coaching a resilient method.

Scope of delivery:
REMSTIM 3000 in black, battery, case, 2 years legal warranty. Operating instructions (DE, EN, FR and ES) are available for download.

What an EMDR device must do

An effective EMDR device has to fulfill numerous conditions. The following information will give you answers to the most important questions about the functionality of a suitable EMDR device, using the REMSTIM 3000 as an example:

The REMSTIM 3000 guides visual EMDR intervention and assists in self-coaching on a regular basis:

Read more about the stimulation effects of EMDR that are regularly brought about by using the REMSTIM 3000.

Thanks to its finely tuned technology, the REMSTIM 3000 imitates the waving of the coach in front of the coachee’s eyes.

Experiments have shown that only one form of visual stimulation meets the high requirements of an effective EMDR device. This uses the EMDR device REMSTIM 3000. This ensures that the user’s eyes are not without guidance at any time during application.

Unintentional gaze jumps, which are possible with a less complex stimulation technique, are thus avoided. The user’s eyes always follow a smoothly flowing light stimulus that can be individually adjusted.

Read more at: What stimulation technique uses the EMDR glasses REMSTIM 3000.

Yes, because obscuring the user’s field of vision promotes successful EMDR self-coaching and EMDR remote coaching.

Due to the darkening, there is a real shielding from the environment as soon as the EMDR goggles are put on. This shielding is desired. Because experience shows that users have an increased awareness of their own inner processes and changes during self-coaching and remote coaching when external, especially visual stimuli are absent.

This increased awareness supports self- and remote coaching and makes the application with the EMDR device REMSTIM 3000 even more effective.

Yes, self-coaching with the REMSTIM 3000 is easy to do and noticeably effective even without prior instruction or attending the workshop.

Because exactly for this Thomas P.H. Buhl has developed the self-coaching method(more) with the EMDR glasses: so that a everyone can help himself in moments of particularly emotional and mental stress immediately, quickly and easily. A little later, the use of EMDR glasses in EMDR remote coaching was added.

However, the workshop provides a deeper understanding and knowledge and trains in a special way the own skills and abilities in the use of this effective method. At the same time, during the workshop, a special atmosphere of self-reflection and willingness to…[more]

Yes, the EMDR goggles are child’s play to use.

An extremely important condition for an EMDR device to help, especially in difficult situations, is its ease of use. After all, when we find ourselves in an emotionally and mentally challenging life situation, applying the small EMDR tool should not be another tricky task. In stressful moments it often happens that we feel paralyzed and unable to help ourselves. Inner resistance is often extremely high in such a situation, and we usually feel unable to apply complex self-help techniques. However, to be able to immediately coach and recalibrate oneself with EMDR, self-coaching application must therefore be an easy exercise.

For this reason – but also for the simple application in between – special emphasis was placed on the playfully easy operation and handling during the development of the REMSTIM 3000: Put on the EMDR goggles and press the start button; and the liberating EMDR self-coaching intervention is already running.

Yes, application errors are not possible with the REMSTIM 3000 EMDR goggles.

An EMDR device that does not provide the desired stimulation in a correct manner is useless. In a self-coaching application but also EMDR remote coaching, the user must not make any mistakes. For example, in visual stimulation, where the eyes are animated to make rapid back-and-forth movements, a typical error can occur with the different types of equipment. With both a light bar, which is usually mounted on a tripod and positioned in front of the user, and a pendulum, users often move their heads back and forth, not just their eyes. This prevents the effect of stimulation.

With the REMSTIM 3000 EMDR goggles, such an error is not possible because when the head moves, the goggles and thus the stimulus move at the same time.

Yes, the REMSTIM 3000 allows the two most important stimulation parameters to be set individually.

The last setting used is also always automatically saved for the next application. The relevant stimulation parameters include:

  • Eye deflection (adjustable)
  • Speed of the stimulus (adjustable)
  • Light pulse color
  • Brightness of the light pulse

The eye deflection defines the path of the eyes. It depends on the very personal mobility of the user’s eyes. While one person can move his eyes very far to the left and to the right, another person may not be able to. In order to take these important anatomical conditions into account individually, the outermost points of the light stimulus defined in each case on the left and right can be adjusted.

Just as individual as the eye deflection is the speed of the back-and-forth movement of the eyes. Not only from user to user differs the pace of the light pulse, which is perceived as pleasant and effective to follow with the eyes. Since one’s flexibility of eye movement often already varies from case to case depending on the subject and involvement, the individual user also often varies the speed of the stimulus from session to session.

For the color of the light pulse, both the yellow and green hues of the micro LEDs have been carefully chosen to make the perceived light pulse pleasant and unobtrusive.

Of course, the brightness of the Mirco LEDs plays a decisive role here. Here, too, an intensity was selected that makes an application a soothing experience and allows the experienced light signal to fade into the background.

Yes, an application with the REMSTIM 3000 can be cancelled at any time and immediately.

Each individual application lasts 30 seconds. To interrupt an application, the EMDR goggles are simply removed. Another option is to close your eyes to stop seeing the light pulse.

Yes, the REMSTIM 3000 EMDR device is extremely easy to transport.

Thanks to the weight of just 75 grams and the small compact form, the EMDR glasses can be taken almost anywhere. For special protection, the equipment includes, among other things, a case in which the EMDR glasses can be safely stored in their foam nest.

Thus, the REMSTIM 3000 is also a beneficial companion when traveling and is always at hand for those who spontaneously decide to use the EMDR self-coaching device.

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