REMSTIM 3000 - Using EMDR in coaching yourself
REMSTIM 3000 - Using EMDR in coaching yourself

Download the EMDR self-coaching guide in 6 steps


Download the comprehensive “Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching in 6 Steps” for free.

For self-coaching with EMDR, here are effective instructions on how to make the most of EMDR self-coaching with the REMSTIM 3000.

How we use EMDR self-coaching to free ourselves from emotional burdens and stress and more easily achieve our goals.

The application of EMDR in self-coaching in 6 steps with the help of the EMDR goggles REMSTIM 3000 allows you to coach your own matters and issues that bother you personally emotionally and mentally in a particularly careful way.

Please note that for some issues and matters that involve you in a particular way, it may be advisable to consult a coach or therapist you trust in this regard. Please also read the important information.

Before you start your first self-coaching session, you will have the opportunity to read through each step of the six steps of self-coaching in detail.

You will find it very easy to ground and relax yourself with the six self-coaching steps when special stresses occur.

Whenever you want, just grab this self-coaching guide and conduct a session using the EMDR self-coaching method. In addition to helpful information and tips, you will find the worksheet for a self-coaching session, which you can duplicate as much as you like and use for one session at a time.

Further information

EMDR device REMSTIM 3000

Designed for EMDR self-coaching: with the REMSTIM 3000 EMDR goggles, effective self-help with EMDR becomes an easy exercise!(Experiences)

EMDR device REMSTIM 4000

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