The comprehensive guide to EMDR self-coaching

Learn to noticeably reduce stress & strain. Download the EMDR self-help guide now.(more...)

The comprehensive guide to EMDR self-coaching

Learn to noticeably reduce stress & strain. Download the EMDR self-help guide now.(more...)

Operating Instructions REMSTIM 3000


Operating Instructions REMSTIM 3000


Operating instructions for the


Status 21.02.2019: Subject to change


With your new REMSTIM 3000 you have found the ideal partner for more emotional balance and greater mental performance.

Customer service

Thomas P.H. Buhl Coaching Instrumente, Am Dachsbau 59, 13503 Berlin, Service Hotline: 030-39 82 14 19 E-Mail: Internet: Device type: REMSTIM 3000

Before first use

The REMSTIM 3000 – Rapid Eye Movement Stimulator 3000 is specifically designed to stimulate the user to move their eyes back and forth horizontally in a steady manner. This type of eye movement is used, among other things, in rapid eye movement stimulation (also called bilateral hemispheric stimulation). The stimulation of eye movement by the REMSTIM 3000 can be adjusted by the user with regard to the deflection and speed of the running light points.

Before using the REMSTIM 3000 for the first time, please read the operating instructions carefully and completely and keep them in a safe place. If the REMSTIM 3000 is passed on, this manual must also be handed over.

Important information

  1. The REMSTIM 3000 is an eye movement stimulation device. The use of the REMSTIM 3000 for the stimulation of eye movements is understood as a performance-enhancing mental training. It is not a diagnostic procedure, medical device, medical therapy or other healing, does not treat disease or symptoms of disease. No promises of a cure are made, so that false hopes are raised in the user.
  2. The use of the REMSTIM 3000 is not intended to replace the work of a psychotherapist, physician or alternative practitioner. Therefore, ongoing treatment should not be interrupted or discontinued, or future necessary treatment should not be postponed or omitted altogether.
  3. The use of the REMSTIM 3000 in no way cancels medical orders. The responsibility lies entirely with the user.
  4. When describing physical, emotional and mental states – especially by using words such as stress, strain, worry, sorrow, restlessness, anxiety, tense and similar terms – we are dealing here exclusively with the description of the state of mind of healthy people within a natural range of variation. In no case should the impression be given that the depicted sensitivities go beyond a certain degree of impairment and attempt to describe or even represent diseases, suffering, bodily injuries or pathological complaints.
  5. A prerequisite for the user is – as is usually the case with coaching – a normal mental and physical resilience.
  6. Use of the REMSTIM 3000 is not suitable at any time for persons who suffer or have suffered from the following diseases in particular:
    • Epilepsy,
    • Eye diseases,
    • Brain Organ Diseases,
    • Addictive disorders,
    • Dissociative disorders,
    • Ego disorders.
  7. It is the free responsibility and decision of the user to start, continue or stop using the REMSTIM 3000.
  8. The use of the REMSTIM 3000 may cause temporary intense emotions.
  9. Use the REMSTIM 3000 only for the purpose for which it was made. Note that when mounted, the REMSTIM 3000 completely fills your field of view and completely blocks your view of your surroundings.
  10. The REMSTIM 3000 is intended for personal self-application while seated or lying down. The REMSTIM 3000 is not intended for commercial use. Up to 3 consecutive applications of 30 seconds each are recommended.
  11. If the eye movements are perceived as unpleasant, especially during the first applications, optimization (smaller step) of the personal device settings of deflection and/or speed is required. In the rare event of dizziness, nausea or eye pain, discontinue REMSTIM 3000 and adjust settings.
  12. Focusing of the (running) light points is hardly possible and not intended. Nor is it a required condition for successful application.
  13. The REMSTIM 3000 is not suitable for use by children and must be kept out of the reach of children.
  14. The materials used in the manufacture of the REMSTIM 3000 may cause an allergic skin reaction in susceptible users. In this case, consult a doctor immediately.
  15. Provided that the manufacturer’s instructions are observed when using and handling the tightly sealed lithium button cells, they are harmless or non-hazardous. If there is no hypersensitivity to certain substances (allergic reactions), skin contact with the lithium button cells is harmless.
  16. Do not expose the REMSTIM 3000 to extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, sunlight, wind).
  17. Protect the REMSTIM 3000 from water.


The REMSTIM 3000 always starts with the last settings used. Three downward running yellow light dots signal the start of the 30-second application. Three upward running yellow light dots signal the end of an application.

1. power on:

The REMSTIM 3000 is started by pressing the left key. It stops automatically after 30 seconds and can then be restarted by pressing the left button again.

Note: The REMSTIM 3000 cannot be stopped during the 30-second application. To interrupt the stimulation during the current application, put down the device or close your eyes.

2. adjusting the deflection range of the eye movement:

The eye deflection level defines how far the eyes are guided to the left and right sides alternately during an application. The REMSTIM 3000 offers 4 levels of deflection to choose from during use for optimal wellness.

The deflection range of the eye movement is set by pressing the left button during operation. The 4 possible deflection levels can be switched through by repeatedly pressing the left key. Two green light points mark the selected deflection range by flashing rapidly several times. After that, a 30-second application will automatically restart:

Deflection stage Deflection range
1 +/- 8 LEDs
2 +/- 10 LEDs
3 +/- 12 LEDs
4 +/- 15 LEDs
1 etc. +/- 8 LEDs etc.


Tip: For optimal effects, select the highest deflection level that you find comfortable during an application. Increasing to level 4 is recommended, provided compatibility.

Note: Focusing of the (running) light points is hardly possible and not intended, nor is it a required condition for successful application.

3. set the speed:

The speed of stimulation can be adjusted at any time during an application. This regulates the speed of the moving light signal. The speed is set by pressing the right key during operation. The three possible speed levels are switched through by repeatedly pressing the right key:

Speed level Speed
1 slow
2 fast
3 very fast
1 etc. slow etc.


Tip: For optimal effects, select the highest speed level that you find comfortable during an application. Increasing to level 3 is recommended, provided compatibility.

At the same speed level, the perceived speed increases when a smaller deflection level is selected.


  • Sit or lie down. Stop any other activity.
  • Put on the REMSTIM 3000 like a pair of standard eyeglasses.
  • Start the REMSTIM 3000 as described in the section Operation by pressing the left key and follow the light signal with your eyes.
  • After 30 seconds, the application ends automatically.
  • Continue breathing calmly and regularly during an application.
  • You can set the eye movement deflection and speed functions according to your personal condition as described in the Operation section.

Apply the REMSTIM 3000 in 6 steps.

On the following pages you will find a quick reference guide to help you get the most out of the REMSTIM 3000. The application of the REMSTIM 3000 in 6 steps aims to support you in coaching certain matters and issues that are personally stressing you emotionally and mentally in a particularly careful way. Please note that for some issues and matters that involve you in a particular way, it may be advisable to consult a coach or therapist you trust in this regard. Please also read the Important Information. In the context of the 6 Step Guide, it has proven helpful to write it in the 2nd person singular. So you will be addressed as “you” on the next pages. We ask for your understanding.

Step 1: Your topic

  • What moves you the most at this moment?
  • What thoughts are bothering you at the moment? What is the most unpleasant image, the most unpleasant sentence?
  • What’s on your mind?
  • Concentrate on the idea, the situation, the thing, the picture, the sentence, etc., what stresses you the most!

Step 2: Your emotion

  • Do you feel anything while focusing on your subject?
  • What emotion is it that you feel?
  • For example, is it: Anger, annoyance, indignation, being annoyed, fear, anxiety, sadness, loss, helplessness, powerlessness, being at the mercy of others, surprise, confusion, “being in the wrong movie”, guilt, responsibility, shame, mortification, insult, degradation, disgust, hatred, disgust, disgust, disgust, “creepiness”, tiredness, thirst, hunger, not feeling? Or another emotion?

The listing represents a number of unpleasant emotions and is not exhaustive.

Step 3: Body-Scan I – Your physical sensations

  • Do you feel anything in your body? Does a body echo of your emotion exist?
  • Do you feel a stirring, a physical sensation somewhere in a part of your body?
  • Do you perceive a pressure, a pulling, warmth, cold or similar in yourself?
  • Or do you perceive nothing, and it resembles a non-perception?

Step 4: The intervention (Processing)

  • Inwardly perceive your subject and emotion(s). Feel your physical sensation (also non-sensation) now!
  • Now start an application of the REMSTIM 3000
  • Breathe calmly and regularly!
  • When the REMSTIM 3000 application is finished, take a deep breath and release as you exhale.
  • What has changed internally? Observe your emotion(s), your body feeling, when you now think of your topic from the beginning (associations?).

Go back to the first point of the intervention (4th step) and start the process again. Go through the process as many times as you want. For example, until you feel distanced and liberated from your subject.

Step 5: Body Scan II

  • Think about your theme. Search and feel for small residual sensations. If you find what you are looking for, intervene again with the REMSTIM 3000 as described in step 4 until you achieve the best possible result.

Step 6: Finally – The anchorage

  • Now think about your topic and notice the first positive thought that comes to mind.
  • Repeat this pleasant thought of yours in your mind over and over again. Intervene now with the REMSTIM 3000 – Choose a slow speed of the running light.
  • Breathe calmly and regularly, repeating your pleasant thought.

After REMSTIM 3000 application, inhale deeply and release on the exhale.

Keeping the REMSTIM 3000 in top shape

  • Clean the surface of the REMSTIM 3000 regularly. Only use a dry cloth (eyeglass cleaning cloth) for this purpose.
  • Damage to the device: If the device is defective or damaged, do not attempt to repair the device yourself. In case of damage, contact customer service (see section Customer service).


There is a warranty within the scope of the statutory provisions.

Note according to battery law (BattG)

The REMSTIM 3000 is powered by a battery, which is included in the delivery. Therefore, according to the Battery Act (BattG), we are obliged to inform you of the following: Batteries and rechargeable batteries may not be disposed of in household waste, but you are legally obliged to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries! Used batteries may contain harmful substances that can damage the environment or your health if not stored or disposed of properly. However, batteries also contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and are recycled. You can replace the batteries after use either

  • send it back to us (Thomas Buhl Coaching Instrumente, Am Dachsbau 59, 13503 Berlin)
  • or in the immediate vicinity (e.g. in shops or municipal collection points) free of charge.

The distribution at points of sale is limited to the quantities customary for end-users for disposal and to those spent batteries that the distributor carries or has carried as new batteries in its product range. The crossed-out trash can means that you must not dispose of batteries and rechargeable batteries in household trash. The signs under the trash can on batteries and accumulators stand for:

  • Pb: Battery contains lead
  • Cd: Battery contains cadmium
  • Hg: Battery contains mercury

Replacing the battery

Insufficient battery power causes functional restrictions in operation and program sequence, which are switched off again when a new battery is inserted. If the performance of the supplied battery (3.0 V button cell DL1220 / CR1220 / CR 1216. Note: CR 1225 does not fit because it is too thick) decreases, replace the old battery with a new battery.

To do this, release the battery from the holder by carefully inserting a pointed non-metallic tool (toothpick enclosed) into the front gap of the button cell holder above the red mark. The battery then pops out. Avoid any force when doing so; it could damage the button cell holder. Insert the new battery; positive contact upwards.

Important: Keep button cell batteries away from children who can easily swallow them.

Notes on the disposal of old devices and electronic scrap

As of March 2006, under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), old appliances may no longer be disposed of in household waste. Not only typical electrical appliances such as televisions, washing machines or refrigerators are affected, but also e.g. video games, loudspeakers, computers, notebooks, MP3 players, peripherals, printers, telephones, electrically operated children’s toys or other electrically operated old appliances.

These devices can be recognized by the symbol of a “crossed-out trash can”. You can find the symbol on the devices or packaging. You can hand in electronic scrap free of charge at municipal collection points, for example. Your municipal waste advisory service or the consumer centers can give you information about the exact location of these collection points.


EMDR device REMSTIM 3000

Designed for EMDR self-coaching: with the REMSTIM 3000 EMDR goggles, effective self-help with EMDR becomes an easy exercise!(Experiences)

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